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TrueStory 1

A few days ago i met old granny in the store. She had very old clothes like it was made in 1950 year. She seems very poor and i decided to buy for her food which she choiced. When she been near cash register in the store i just paid for her and went out. She didnt have time to tell thank you because i didnt want she seen a sympathy in my eyes. In area where i live we have lots people like she. They are old and have no choice in this life. Goverment not help lots and like i guess these old people dont have children who can help them.. Anyway sometimes if you feel you have chance to help you should to do it. Honestly it make your souls feel much better. At last you not only waste oun life but also help..

TrueStory 2

Once i seen how cars on road stoped cause was a cat there. There are so many cars and all stoped cause they been scary kill it. Sometimes people should be kind not for other people but for animals too. Who can help them if not people? They can love us more then reall people ever! They never betrayal us. Sometimes i give milk or food for pets who have no home if i met them too.

TrueStory 3

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Our Mission

Good day ! If you visit our site thats mean you are interesting to make something good in this life. There are so many problems everywhere and sadly we cant change all this. But sometimes there are such moments when we help people and dont ask something back. We made this site for you and for others who want believe in a good kind world. If you made something good please share it with us and we publish your story here. It can be so easy story how you gave food for child who need it or how you helped old granny. But when people will be read it - maybe your story will open new feelings in heart of others.. Kind deeds will born new kind deeds in lifes.. We believe that we can change this life in better way with our hands. Start with yourself and you will see how life will open for you new ways and new roads. Share your story with us and with million other people who I believe in good.